Jul 15, 2009

Week With the Boys

This week I had the boys for four days. Gabriel and Elijah both had baseball games.

We decided to take the boys camping for two nights.

Making sand castles at the beach

Making S'mores

Dinner time!

4th of July Weekend

We headed back to Muskegon for 4th of July weekend. Their Summer Celebration festival was going on so there were a lot of concerts and things to do at night.

Justin and His dog Diesel

Out on the boat

Waiting for the fireworks

Justin and Brock had backstage passes to the Shinedown concert so we went to see them on Sunday night.

Graduation Parties!

A few weekends ago Kristin and I headed up to Muskegon for Brocks (Justin's friend) grad party.
Guess who we met?
Justin Abdelkader #8 for the Red Wings.
Justin A. lives in Muskegon and played on Mona Shores hockey team with Justin G. and Brock
Pictures on the water

Out on the boat at nightJustin and I

Jun 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Justin turned 20 last week so Kristin and I had some of our friends up to visit along with some of Justin's friends for his birthday.
Justin's Birthday cake! I have never been able to draw straight lines, even in high school my art teacher had to draw straight lines for me....

May 4, 2009

Day at South Haven

Yesterday Kristin, Justin, and I drove down to South Haven to look at apartments for next semester. Afterwards we decided to drive the five minutes to the beach and walk the pier to the lighthouse.

Apr 22, 2009

Easter Pictures

Tank was very happy to get a nw collar from the Easter bunny and also some donuts.
Bosco and Tanks Easter Pictures
Bosco actually decided to take a picture

Aww I love Tanky...but he's actually eyeballing the birds and debating on how he can get away to chase them

More eyeballing of the birds...

Mar 28, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

So Tankys life has been sad with out me. Every time I see a little dog it makes me miss his little face. This is the latest and greatest of Tankys pictures from my last journey home. I took several pictures of Tank which he posed for perfectly with a different expression for each one. I did try to take a picture with bosco, however, tank would not have it. He actually attacked me throughout the process of taking pictures of bosco by pawing and clawing my arm so I could not keep the camera still. What a smart little dog :) I then went on to take more pictures of Tank, which he posed for and enjoyed every second of it. What a little camera hog!!
On St. Pattys day Kristin and I went to our friend Laura's house for a BBQ.

These are the amazing cup cakes I made before the cook out. I actually baked and frosted them in one hour so I was pretty proud of that accomplishment. I made them so fast that they had no time to cool and the frosting was melting off. Frosting was everywhere including on me as I ran out the door to get on the bus for class. I had no time to look in the mirror so as I sat on the bus I touched my forehead realizing I somehow managed to get frosting on my head. So attractive!
This is before work a few mornings ago. I actually really enjoy working there. It's a good job for me and very fast paced so I never get bored!